Jessica Porambo: Jessica graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Business Marketing in May 2011 and is now pursuing her MBA at University of Phoenix. She is currently living in San Francisco, California working as an Administrative/Marketing Assistant.  She used to be the baby of the family, until Cody came around. In her spare time she likes to scrapbook and watch cooking shows.

Jackie Porambo: Jackie graduated from Univeristy of Phoenix with a degree in Sociology in April 2011.  She currently lives in Tacoma, Washington with her boyfriend and dog, Bella.  She works as an Enrollment Advisor at University of Phoenix. In her spare time she enjoys long walks in the cold weather with her dog.

Ricky Porambo: Ricky currently lives in Iowa as a Recruiter for the United States Navy.  He is the oldest sibling of the Porambo family.  He has two beautiful children, Cameron and Noah.  In his spare time he enjoys barbequing and eating.

Cody Porambo: Cody is the baby of the family and lives in Santee, California. He is currently in sixth grade and can’t wait to buy his first car, a lifted Tacoma.  In his spare time he enjoys playing soccer and tormenting his siblings.

Karen Betts: Karen is the mother of the tribe and currently resides in sunny San Diego, California.  Here, she enjoys walking her puggle, Corona, around the neighborhood and riding her bike.

Robert Porambo: Robert is the father and lives in Santee, California.  In his spare time he plays softball and coaches Cody’s soccer team.


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