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From the Beginning


Support is something I am lucky enough to have on a day-to-day basis from my family. It is never in short supply. No matter what the occasion or how silly the event, my family was there to show their support. They always had the best ways to show it also, through signs, shirts, pins, or just moral support. No matter what, I knew I had an amazing group of people rallying around me!

My stepmom was always making custom shirts for every sporting event, school event, basically any event she could. This is what inspired me and made me want to show my spirit also! Any occasion I could, I would make a shirt. Whether it was spirit week at school or a friend coming home from a long trip.

I learned at a young age that there is no occasion too big or small to make a festive shirt and show your spirit!

Family Support at College Graduation

Welcoming Home a Friend

Stagecoach 2010 T-Shirts

21st Birthday Baseball Tees

Senior Pride