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San Francisco US Half Marathon


Woke up at 5 AM on Sunday, November 6, luckily it was daylight savings so we got an extra hour of sleep. Got down to the starting line at Aquatic Park (right by Ghiradelli Square) at about 5:45 AM. It was FREEZING! Sorry if you can’t see my shirt, but it was too cold to unzip my jacket! The race started at 7 AM and Jeremy was mid-pack. I went back to the car for an hour then got myself a Ghiradelli Hot Chocolate (YUM) and went down to the finish line. I held my phone out with the camera ready for almost an hour, but SOMEHOW Jeremy finished without me seeing him!!! I have NO idea how this happened! All of a sudden I see him standing across from me as he tells me he finished 30 minutes ago! What. The. Heck. I could not believe it! BUT he finished the half marathon in 2 hours 7 minutes! Awesome for his first one 🙂

The Event

Boyfriend/Girlfriend Marathon Shirt

Right Before the Run


The First Triathlon


Jeremy, mom, sister, girlfriend

Mom and Son

Girlfriend/Boyfriend Shirt

In July my boyfriend, Jeremy, decided he wanted to start training for a triathlon after witnessing his mom, Lori, complete a half iron man (it was pretty amazing!). He worked so hard training in between work and school. So to show our support, Lori, Jessica (his little sister), and I got custom made shirts (see pictures above) and made signs (see pictures below). My shirt said “10.25 miles til I get my boyfriend back”, Lori’s said “10.25 miles til I get my son back”, and Jess’ said “10.25 miles til I get my brother back”. It was so exciting to see how much feedback we got from those shirts! And of course Jeremy loved them 🙂 He ended up getting 5th place in his age group! For his first triathlon that’s pretty awesome! We think it’s because he had his support crew there for him 😉

Triathlon Personalized Sign

I Love my Triathlete Sign

Triathlon Sign